Song Ji Hyo Displays “Urban Class” in Eyewear Shoot for Harper’s Bazaar

2015-03-24 22:32:40 2015-03-24 22:32:40

Song Ji Hyo displays her elegance in an eyewear photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar.

The actress, known for her many artistic talents and her straightforward and confident appearance, displays an unexpected urban-yet-classy quality in the shoot. This look, enhanced by the glamorously designed concept of the shoot, gives the photos a highly refined, trendy look.


Her condition at the shoot, despite taking place early in the morning, was so perfect that she began taking A-cut quality shots right from the start. It’s also said that her natural modeling skills, combined with her unceasing work ethic and professional demeanor, earned her praise from the shoot’s crew and head editor.


Meanwhile, Song Ji Hyo has been cast in the upcoming tvN drama “Ex-Girlfriend’s Club,” set to premiere following the conclusion of “Super Daddy 10” in early May.