Bora Transforms into an Intense Athlete in Grazia Pictorial

2015-03-25 22:14:01 2015-03-25 22:14:01

SISTAR’s Bora is known for her athletic body and has trained through years of hard workouts. In her most recent pictorial, she showed that true beauty is having a healthy body.

In the fashion magazine Grazia, Bora wears tight leggings with a sporty top, showing off her perfect bodyline. The view from behind especially highlights her apple hip and calf muscles.

bora 3

Rather than trying to look like a cute girl demonstrating a few workout poses, she truly becomes an athlete within the photos. Her posture is flawless when she is ready to kick the sandbag, resembling a boxer’s typical training.

In other pictures, her flexibility is admirable as she manages to pose in even the most difficult positions. As her back is arched on the ground with her leg held high, her smoldering stare is enough to capture the viewer’s attention.

bora 1

More pictures will be released in the April issue of Grazia.