Chu Sarang Is a Cute Traveler for American Tourister

2015-03-25 01:31:28 2015-03-25 01:31:28

Chu Sarang and Chu Sung Hoon had a lovely father-daughter photo shoot for American Tourister.


The suitcase brand released photos of their 2015 models. The photo shoot was shot with the theme “An exciting vacation with my dad.” The duo definitely looked the part of a father and daughter ready to travel the world fashionably.


Chu Sarang, in particular, showed off her cute image and lived up to her nickname “Chu-vely” which is a portmanteau of Chu and lovely. The adorable child is growing up in front of our eyes. The staff on set is said to have been enamored with the delightful girl.


The pair shows off a variety of suitcases along with other items needed for a fun excursion. From flamingos to ice cream, they are definitely set for an amazing travel experience.


Netizens have commented, “Chu Sarang keeps getting prettier,” “Best father-daughter look,” “The Disney suitcase suits Chu Sarang nicely,” and more.