Shinhwa Reveals Their Goal to Put On Dinner Shows for Their 60th Birthdays

2015-03-25 20:41:19 2015-03-25 20:41:19

Legendary idol group Shinhwa has made a new goal as the longest-running boy band in Korea.

On the March 25 episode of SBS‘s “Night of TV Entertainment,” Shinhwa was asked whether their fans changed in their 17 years of being active. They replied, “The fans that we’ve seen since they were young have mostly gotten married and some of them even bring their husbands and children to our concerts.”

They then said, “Since the fans have become older, the menu for the food they send us has also changed. Recently we’ve been enjoying steak, eel, salad, and fruit. It’s all very delicious. Thank you,” revealing their love for their fans.

When they were told, “Some of your fans even say, ‘Let’s continue until a 60th birthday party slash dinner show,'” Jun Jin said that they’d like to continue as long as they have the energy. “We could become the legends of dinner shows.”

Shinhwa then revealed their deep feelings, saying, “We will keep our promise in our 18th, and 19th years. The reason why we were able to become the longest-running idols is because of our fans, Shinhwa Changjo. Thank you.”