“The Admiral” and “Ode to My Father” Achieve Box Office Success in North America

2015-03-25 18:41:53 2015-03-25 18:41:53

The Korean films “The Admiral” and “Ode to My Father” were both amongst the top ten highest-grossing foreign films in North America in 2014.

“The Admiral” brought in $2,590,000 USD in North American box office sales, while “Ode to My Father” earned $2,280,000 USD.

This is the first time in eight years that a Korean film has seized a spot on the list of the top ten foreign films in North America. The last film to do so was “The Host,” which came in seventh place in 2007. It is also the first time ever that two Korean films have appeared on the list in one year.

“The Admiral” was released in North America two weeks after it opened in Korea, and “Ode to My Father” appeared in North American theaters only a week after it premiered in Korea. According to a representative of CJ E&M, the company that distributed the films to North America, this meant that domestic Korean marketing for the films was able to influence North American audiences. Rather than having to wait several months after being exposed to Korean advertisements, North Americans were able to see the film almost right away in local theaters.

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