Block B’s Taeil Steals Your Heart with “Shaking” Solo Single

2015-03-26 22:08:37 2015-03-26 22:14:21

It’s about time – Block B’s talented vocalist Taeil has just dropped his first solo single “Shaking.”

Following a series of solo projects from Zico, it’s now Taeil under the spotlight. “Shaking” is a simple yet stunningly beautiful ballad with a clear piano melody, and Taeil’s soothing vocals are just in perfect harmony with the song.

The accompanying music video stars actress Nam Ji Hyun, who makes the hearts of male fans shake and race, as described in the lyrics.

While a number of Taeil’s solo tracks have been featured in Block B’s albums, “Shaking” is the first official solo release by the idol. He worked on the track with one of his personal favorite artists, established R&B singer-songwriter 40.

“Shaking” is now available on various online music stores.