Jun Jin Is Startled by Misheard Swear Word While Talking About Shinhwa’s Debut Years

2015-03-26 17:43:22 2015-03-26 17:43:22

Shinhwa made a comical mistake due to a big misunderstanding.

On the episode of Mnet’s “M!Countdown” aired on March 26, Shinhwa reveals their thoughts on being nominated as first place on the music chart. This nomination is especially meaningful, since it is a competition between Red Velvet, a group that has debuted only eight months ago.

MC Lee Jung Shin asks, “How many years has it been since Shinhwa’s debut?” In response, Kim Dong Wan says, “It has been 18 years.”

Despite his innocent response, Jun Jin is startled because he mishears eighteen as swear word. In Korean, the word for “eighteen” sounds very much like a swear word. His shocked facial expression is enough to make everyone around him burst out in laughter.

Meanwhile, Shinhwa won first place three weeks in a row with their song “Sniper.”