Kim Woo Bin Can’t Stand Watching Himself on Screen

2015-03-27 16:08:39 2015-03-27 16:08:39

Actor Kim Woo Bin, who can been seen from the recent film “Twenty,” shared some insights into his life as an actor in a interview.

While talking about “Twenty” with Ilgan Sports, Kim Woo Bin reflected on the early days of his acting career. “My acting in the first film I was in, “White Christmas,” it’s hard for even me to take,” he admits. “Honestly, it’s still awkward watching my own performances. Although I’ve heard more experienced actors say the same thing about their own work too.”

Kim Woo Bin started his life in the entertainment industry as a model in 2008, and got his first big break as an actor in the 2011 KBS drama special “White Christmas.” He then went on to appear in “School 2013” and “The Heirs” in 2013, joining the ranks of top young stars.

He said, “Back then, when I was acting, I wasn’t trying to show ‘my performance’ in front of the camera. Instead, I felt like I was being judged by the director at some kind of recital. When a scene finished, I just wanted them to show me some sign that what I’d done was okay.”

He therefore decided to seek out the advice of actors with more experience (his “sunbaes”). “I learned a lot while I was watching my sunbaes act,” he said. “I’m also the kind of person that will directly go to them for advice and ask them about things I’m curious about. When they weren’t busy, I’d go find them and politely ask them things. I’d also follow them around. I didn’t want to disturb them when they were busy, so I didn’t call them often, but I sent them a lot of texts. Like, ‘Sunbae, it’s really nice outside today. Fighting!’ Or ‘Sunbae, I love you.’ I’m the kind of person who doesn’t have any qualms about saying that sort of thing.”

Kim Woo Bin’s film “Twenty,” also starring Kang Ha Neul and 2PM‘s Junho, premiered earlier this week in Korea.

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