miss A’s Suzy Reveals B Cut Teaser without Agency Knowing

2015-03-27 17:36:09 2015-03-27 17:36:09

miss A’s Suzy revealed a B cut teaser for the group’s upcoming album without her agency knowing.

On March 26, she posted a photo onto her Instagram with the hashtags, “Not another jacket image but more (a play on the title track of the new album), Secret reveal. Agency doesn’t even know.”

only you jyp

In the image, Suzy makes a surprised expression as she poses by a bathtub in a pink skirt.

The singer also included the link to the teaser for the music video of “Only You,” in which a peeping tom checks out the girls as they lounge around or get ready at home.

Meanwhile, the music video for “Only You” is set for a March 30 reveal.

Are you excited for miss A’s comeback?