Yewon’s Appearance on “We Got Married” At Risk After Problematic Video with Lee Tae Im Spreads

2015-03-27 22:53:25 2015-03-27 23:00:07

Following the release of the video that captured the controversial exchange between Yewon and actress Lee Tae Im during a filming of “Tutoring Across Generations,” it appears that Yewon’s stint on “We Got Married” may be at risk.

The homepage for MBC’s “We Got Married” has continued to be bombarded by netizens requesting for the removal of Yewon from the show.

This situation arose after it was revealed that Yewon used informal language when talking to Lee Tae Im, which contradicts the statement that her agency initially made about the their interaction.

On March 27, a video titled “Yewon Banmal (informal speech) vs. Lee Tae Im Swearing” was uploaded to YouTube, unveiling exactly what occurred between the two stars. This video was then spread across various online communities, causing netizens to take action against Yewon. Netizens are accusing Yewon and her agency of lying to the public about her actions and are demanding her to be taken off “We Got Married.”

Meanwhile, Yewon is currently appearing on the show after being partnered up with Super Junior-M’s Henry.

What are your thoughts on this situation? Do you agree with the netizens?
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