Youngji Makes Official Instagram and Weibo Accounts

2015-03-27 22:38:30 2015-03-27 22:38:30

KARA‘s Youngji posted a cute selca in celebration of starting Instagram.

On March 28, she wrote on her Instagram, “Everyone~ Sorry for greeting you guys at such a late hour. This is Youngji~ I don’t use an email address,” together with the picture.

She has a bright smile for the camera. Her cute and adorable face catches the attention of many.

Also, the singer posted on her Twitter saying, “Youngji made a Weibo account. [email protected],” and also told fans about her new Weibo.

Fans who like Jackson and Youngji’s interactions are especially excited because her accounts were coincidentally made on Jackson’s birthday!

Check out her Instagram and Weibo account!

Here are her fellow KARA members’ Instagram accounts:  Gyuri (@gyuri_88), Hara (@kxxhara), and Seungyeon (@thesy88).

Thanks Kricelle for the tip!