Youngmin and Kwangmin Are A Visual Shock to Viewers on “Real Men”

2015-03-27 02:10:45 2015-03-27 02:10:45

As the stills are released for the upcoming episode of “Real Men” airing on March 29, the visual shock of Boyfriend‘s Youngmin and Kwangmin catches the viewers’ attention. They are seen wearing thick glasses during a training session.

Youngmin and Kwangmin received a level three on their fitness exam for their bad eyesight, so they are obligated to wear their glasses during training. What the viewers see is quite a shock since it is different from the twin’s idol image.

The twins are known for their big, sparkling eyes which gave them a flower-boy image. But with their glasses on, they soon become known as the “glasses” twins. Kangin from Super Junior shows concern, saying, “Shaving heads and now glasses?  Are you planning to quit being idols?” but the twins reacted surprisingly calmly to this situation which, supposedly, made many laugh.

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