“SNL Korea” Parodies Controversial Video of Lee Tae Im and Yewon

2015-03-28 22:14:21 2015-03-29 04:20:41

tvN‘s “SNL Korea” didn’t waste any time parodying the controversy between Lee Tae Im and Yewon.

On the March 28 episode of SNL Korea, the cast performs a skit where reporters try to film a date between Ahn Young Mi and her non-celebrity boyfriend.

On the episode, Ahn Young Mi goes out on the street and asks Narsha, who is a paparazzi disguised as a street artist, to draw her portrait. Narsha is flustered, but quickly draws a bad picture to give to Ahn Young Mi.

After receiving the picture, Ahn Young Mi asks, “You don’t like me, do you?” echoing Yewon’s words in the video that was leaked.

At that Narsha says, “Why are you looking at me like that?” (lit. “Why do you open your eyes like that?”) and gets angry at Ahn Young Mi for talking down to her, and people around them must mediate the situation. At the end, Ahn Young Mi says, “It’s because I was cold.”

Watch the skit:

snl korea 1

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