“We Got Married” Says There Has Been No Talk of Yewon’s Removal from the Show

2015-03-28 00:04:33 2015-03-28 00:04:33

MBC has made its official statement on Yewon regarding her appearance on “We Got Married.”

Yewon has been swept up in another controversy as a video clip of her and Lee Tae Im was revealed. It had previously been reported that Lee Tae Im screamed and cursed at her for no reason while filming “Tutoring Aross Generations.” However, it was revealed through the clip that Yewon had contributed to the incident by speaking informally to Lee Tae Im, her senior.

The influence spread over to the program that she is now on, “We Got Married,” with its message boards being flooded by posts asking for her removal from the show.

However, at this, MBC said on March 28, “We haven’t discussed Yewon’s removal from the show, and as of now, the ‘We Got Married’ staff has no plans to discuss Yewon’s swearing controversy.”

Meanwhile, neither Lee Tae Im’s nor Yewon’s management companies are putting out any new statements about the issues as of yet.

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