Chun Jung Myung Praises Sohee for Being a Smart Actress

2015-03-29 04:33:20 2015-03-29 04:34:07

Chun Jung Myung recently gave an interview about former Wonder Girls member Sohee, who he filmed the tvN drama “Heart to Heart” with.

He said, “Before I met Ahn Sohee, I was worried. She was a singer for a long time, and in some ways, she really hit the top in that field, so I worried even more.”

He then continued, “But it wasn’t like that. One time, I even asked her, ‘Do you take acting lessons?’ and Sohee replied, “I don’t take lessons separately, all I do is just study the script before I come.’ And I thought, if she is able to do that much on her own, that’s really good. Even the director said that Sohee is a very smart actress.”

He added, “I could feel that she really prepares before she comes to the set. From what I heard, she even picks her own clothes and hairstyle for the scene that she’s going to film that day, and the style always fits so well with the scene. Basically, if you don’t have a good sense for acting, you couldn’t do that. In those aspects, she’s very smart. She doesn’t even need advice. In fact, I complimented her a lot.”

He didn’t hold back on his praises, saying, “It’s very important as an actor to put yourself in the scene, and Sohee is very good at that. When we go out for dinner together, Sohee doesn’t say a word. But as soon as the cameras start rolling, she completely changes. She’s very good at focusing, and I have big expectations for her in the future.”

Meanwhile, Chun Jung Myung played an attention-seeking psychiatrist in “Heart to Heart,” and Sohee played his little sister.