f(x)’s Victoria Has Trouble Speaking in Chinese Sometimes

2015-03-29 21:40:48 2015-03-29 21:40:48

f(x)‘s Victoria, who is filming a Chinese drama at the moment, revealed that she has difficulty with her Chinese.

The beautiful Chinese-born K-pop superstar said on March 29, “Chinese is my mother tongue but after having spent such a long time in Korea, I have trouble expressing myself in Chinese sometimes.”

She also revealed, “Although Chinese is my mother tongue, I spent such a long time in Korea that I feel a bit burdened when I when I film in China. There’s definitely a difference in difficulty when I try to pronounce Korean and Chinese. I can feel that my Chinese pronunciation isn’t accurate, and sometimes it’s tough. So I practice all night long.”

Victoria also said, “I’m especially nervous when I go on variety shows in China or when I give interviews. I mostly was active in Korea, so I’m nervous that I might make a mistake.”

When asked if she liked singing or acting more, she said, “I would like to be active in both Korea and China in both singing and acting.”

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