Kim Jung Eun Trains Intensively for Her Actions Scenes in Upcoming Drama

2015-03-29 20:29:09 2015-03-29 20:29:38

Actress Kim Jung Eun is busy training for the action scenes for her upcoming drama “Make the Woman Cry.”

In the images released on March 30, the actress can be seen training intensively in a gym.

In the upcoming MBC weekend drama, she will play Deok In, a former-policewoman, who embarks on her own journey to avenge the death of her son. As she has many scenes fighting built men in the drama, she has been training night and day to prepare.

Kim Jung Eun’s agency told the media, “She is an actress who prepares extensively for any role she takes on. Even with her schedule, she always manages to go to action school every week. She’s also doing yoga and pilates to keep in shape. She’s putting a lot of effort into this drama.”

“Make the Woman Cry” will air after the completion of “Rosy Lovers,” on April 18.