EXO’s Suho Rocks His Job as a Reporter On “Fluttering India”

2015-03-30 16:12:15 2015-03-30 16:12:15

Suho perfectly transformed himself into a journalist as images of his reporter notebook were revealed.

On March 30, producers of KBS 2TV’s “Fluttering India” revealed images of Suho passionately reporting along with his notebook. His notes especially stand out because of its neatness, which seems to have reflected Suho’s tidy character.

Each inch of the paper is packed with details that are differentiated by the various codes he uses. Not only are the events chronologically organized, but also he always takes the note of the weather. His small sun picture on the top of the notes is a simple yet clear way to record the sunny weather.

He also doesn’t forget to mark the most important notes by underlining and adding stars to them. In the particular notes revealed, fans can witness that “Gangnam Style” and “Bollywood” are the key topics of his reports. “Nine O’Clock News” is also circled and starred to show his determination of wanting to appear on major news broadcasts one day.

Due to the hard work he has put into it, the notebook is now Suho’s most prized procession from India. He is known to carry it around wherever he goes, as if it is more than just a mere notebook, earning him the nickname “Notebook Mania.”

“Suho was the most skilled in utilizing the notebook to its fullest. He recorded every little detail,” the producers of “Fluttering India” said. “While we were checking notebooks after filming, everyone was surprised at the amount of effort that went into his notes. We hope everyone stays tuned for the show because the five reporters show intense passion in their reporting.”

Meanwhile, “Fluttering India” is a variety show in which celebrities transform into reporters to jump into the adventurous field of journalism. It will first air on April 10 at 9:30 p.m. (KST).