“Let’s Go! Dream Team” Settles Abuse of Power Controversy Regarding Pay for Their 100 Celebrity Guests

2015-03-30 09:22:46 2015-03-30 09:22:46

KBS 2TV‘s variety show “Let’s Go! Dream Team” decided to pay all of their 100 guests the same rate.

On the March 29 episode of “Let’s Go! Dream Team,” a female flag race battle ensued between 100 girl group members, actresses and other female celebrities and 10 dream team seniors.

However, a controversy arose when audience members who were at the scene heard from the production staff, “We will only be paying the top 20 or 30 people who made it to the finals.”

About this, “Let’s Go! Dream Team” staff said, “At the start, we weren’t going to make it no pay. However, there were so many guests that we decided to divide the pay by team, and we were going to pay by scale to reward the top 30 contestants.” They explained that this type of pay scale was already used by “Idol Athletic Championships.”

In the end, “Let’s Go! Dream Team” decided to pay their guests the same rate. The staff said, “We decided to pay the same rate to all 100 guests. This is because they all worked hard, and also because of the issue of equity.” The rate has yet to be decided.

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