miss A’s Suzy Reveals What Attracted Her to Lee Min Ho

2015-03-30 01:33:03 2015-03-30 01:33:39

miss A member Suzy recently revealed what made her fall for actor Lee Min Ho and explained how they spend their time on dates.

On March 30, miss A opened up a comeback showcase for their new seventh project album titled “Colors.”

During the showcase, Suzy was asked what initially attracted her to Lee Min Ho, to which she responded, “He is a deeply caring and warm person, so my interest in him grew. We will continue to meet well.”

When one of the reporters asked, “Your date [with Lee Min Ho] was captured in London. What kind of date did you two enjoy?” The miss A member shared, “Our photo shoot schedules overlapped so we ended up meeting in London. We didn’t do anything special in London. We went for a drive, ate food, and just spent time together like ordinary people.”

Meanwhile, miss A’s “Colors” will be released on March 30.

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