Park Myung Soo Pays for All Repair Expenses Despite Not Being at Fault in Car Accident

2015-03-30 19:30:00 2015-03-30 19:30:00

Comedian Park Myung Soo has done yet another good deed.

On March 30, the comedian was involved in a minor car accident where a taxi lightly crashed into his Range Rover. Nobody was injured from the accident.

A representative from his agency told the media on March 31, “Park Myung Soo has decided to pay for all repair expenses, despite not being at fault for the accident.” They continued, “He is the victim here, but as he saw that the taxi driver was an elderly man in his 60’s who drove a company-owned taxi, he decided to pay for all damage.”

Park Myung Soo will be releasing a collaboration single album with singer So Chan Hwee on March 31.

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