Boys Republic Minsu and Sungjoon Release Hip Hop Song to Encourage Youth

2015-03-31 08:12:40 2015-03-31 08:12:40

Boys Republic’s Minsu and Sungjoon revealed “(),” a song that they wrote themselves.

According to their managing agency, “()” is a song dedicated to those in their 10s and 20s and who underestimate themselves under the judgmental views of society. This song sends a message of encouragement through gangster rap, bringing even more energy to the table.

The line “Attach your eyes to your forehead” urges listeners to not be short sighted. It’s message is that rather than feeling despair from the present, people should acknowledge the potential from within and develop themselve.

The music video for “(),” starring Minsu and Sungjoon, was directed and edited by Minsu. Fans will be able to take a peak at his creativity and talent through his ingenious work.

Lee Yae Joon, winner of Mnet’s “Voice Korea” season 2, also featured in the song. Not only did she raise the bar for the tune but also showed her friendship with Boys Republic as co-workers in the same managing agency.

Fans are also wondering if this song is a hint of a prospective hip-hop unit between the two members in the future as well.

Meanwhile, Boys Rebpulic is actively touring overseas in places such as the Phlillipines and Japan since their last song “The Real One.”