Cross Gene to Join the Rush of April Comebacks with New Mini Album

2015-03-31 17:51:41 2015-03-31 17:51:41

It has been announced that Cross Gene will be joining the rush of April comebacks with the release of a brand new mini album.

On April 1, a representative of Cross Gene’s agency, Amuse Korea, revealed, “It is confirmed that Cross Gene will make a comeback in Korea through the release of its second mini album this coming April 13.”

The group’s new mini album will be called “Play With Me” (tentative English title) with a title track by the same name. Along with the announcement of their return, a teaser jacket photo was also unveiled, which shows the members’ sexy yet “bad boy” side.

The agency rep continued to explain, “They are returning with their first mini album since their debut album. It will be an album that will show the Cross Gene members’ increasing manly charms. Throughout the year, starting with this comeback, Cross Gene will put more focus on promoting in Korea as well as their active promotions as singers.”

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