Girls’ Generation to Release “Catch Me If You Can” in Korea and Japan Simultaneously

2015-03-31 18:23:10 2015-03-31 18:23:36

It has been revealed that Girls’ Generation will be releasing its brand new title track “Catch Me If You Can” both in Korea and Japan at the same time.

On April 1, a representative of SM Entertainment shared, “The new single ‘Catch Me If You Can’ has been produced with a Korean version and a Japanese version. We plan to reveal the music video for ‘Catch Me If You Can’ this coming April 10 in Korea and Japan simultaneously.”

The upcoming single album will consist of two songs, including the title track, as well as a ‘couple ring’ song titled “Girls.” The Korean version is set to release in Korea on April 10 through online music sites, while the Japanese version will officially be released in Japan on April 22.

“Catch Me If You Can” is said to be an addictive dance song with a strong emphasis on EDM and powerful performance. On the other hand, “Girls” is said to be a medium-tempo ballad with a beautiful melody.

Are you excited for Girls’ Generation’s comeback?

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