Jessi Almost Formed a Girl Group with Lee Hyori and Lee Eun Joo

2015-03-31 21:40:30 2015-03-31 21:40:30

Unpretty RapstarJessi has revealed that she was almost part of a girl group with Lee Hyori and Lee Eun Joo.

While appearing alongside equally strong-minded Unpretty Rapstars Cheetah and Yuk Ji Dam on the March 31 broadcast of tvN’s talk show “Taxi,” Jessi explains how plans for a group including the three singers ultimately fell through.

“I was exploring forming a group with Lee Hyori and Lee Eun Joo, and at that time Lee Hyori really liked me. She contacted me through my manager asking me to meet,” she explains. “I was excited and anxious because I really like Lee Hyori. That’s how we began contacting each other and talking about music, but our agencies were all different. There were issues between our agencies, so we were never able to create a group.”

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