MAMAMOO Announces Mystery Featuring Artist Is Singer-Songwriter Esna

2015-03-31 16:00:13 2015-03-31 16:00:13

MAMAMOO has finally revealed the identity of the featuring artist in their new single “AHH OOP!” and it’s none other than Korean-American singer-songwriter Esna!

Esna built up a fan base on YouTube with her covers and original songs before debuting last August in Korea with a track she personally composed entitled “I, I Love You.” She is a member of RBW, the same management agency as MAMAMOO. She has worked with MAMAMOO before when she featured in their song “Gentleman” and co-wrote their song “Piano Man.”

MAMAMOO has been teasing fans with a preview image of the four-member group in bright and retro costumes next to a mysterious silhouette. They included the text “MAMAMOO + ?” to get fans talking about who might be contributing to the group’s comeback song.

Possible featuring artists that were suggested by fans included rapper Cheetah and songstress Ailee.

On April 1, the speculations were brought to end when the photo was posted to MAMAMOO’s Facebook again, but this time the silhouette was filled in with an image of Esna dressed in a white suit and wearing killer heels.

Esna will be joining MAMAMOO for their first comeback performance on April 2 on M!Countdown.

Are you excited to see MAMAMOO perform together with Esna?

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