Minah Reveals Her Hardships When She First Debuted

2015-03-31 18:48:23 2015-03-31 18:48:23

Minah revealed the hardships during her career when she was still an unknown singer.

On the episode of Mnet’s variety show “4 Things Show” aired on March 31, Minah was the main guest.

During her interview, she reminisces her time as a newly debuted singer, saying, “When I was more known for being goofy, I did everything, even if it meant doing a fish dance.”

“I realized that you can’t always have your way. I was able to power through these times because I believed that I would be rewarded one day for my hard work. These were probably my darkest moments. Now that I look back, I was emotionally tormented,” she says.

She adds, “I didn’t realize how tiring everything was back then. I wasn’t allowed to be tired since that meant I wouldn’t be able to appear on TV. Broadcasting stations might not have asked for me anymore or rumors might have spread that I’ve grown arrogant. Even though I never thought I was tired back then, now that I have the time to look back, I finally realize that I was caught up in my own illusions,” she says as she tears up.

“When I see how I used to do silly stuff just for the sake of it, part of me crumbles up. Still, without my effort when I first debuted, I wouldn’t be able to be where I am today,” she adds.

“She probably danced with desperateness 80% of the time. I think she was upset at the reality of her role to promote herself and her group,” Yoo Sae Yoon says. “Since her ultimate goal is singing, I hope she doesn’t gear too much towards variety shows. I hope she doesn’t forget her role as a singer.”

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