miss A’s Suzy Joins Charity Honor Society through Large Donation

2015-03-31 20:16:30 2015-03-31 20:16:30

miss A member Suzy has become an Honor Society member of charity organization Community Chest of Korea after she donated over 100 thousand dollars to the group.

A press release issued by the charity on April 1 detailed her donation, saying, “Through her donation of over 100 thousand dollars to Community Chest of Korea, she has become the 791st member of our Honor Society of biggest donators.” On March 17, Suzy pledged a donation of 100 thousand dollars to the Kwangju Community Chest of Korea, expressing her intent to join the group’s Honor Society. Unable to attend her official induction ceremony into the group, Suzy’s parents made an appearance instead.

Suzy also made a statement regarding her donation to the charity, saying, “I came to learn of the Honor Society through my parents and other good people around me. I joined because I wanted to give a little bit of strength to those in need. I want to aid in providing treatment to children who suffer from pediatric cancer and terminal illnesses.”

With the donation, Suzy becomes the second girl group member (Girl’s Generation’s YoonA is also a member) and seventh entertainer overall to have joined the Honor Society.

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