Sandara Park Makes Successful Acting Debut in “Dr. Ian”

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2NE1 member Sandara Park is showing her acting skills through her role in the newly released Korean-Chinese web drama “Dr. Ian.”

The drama features Sandara Park as the quirky female patient of a psychiatrist, played by Kim Young Kwang, and portrays their ensuing relationship. This is Sandara Park’s first role in a drama, though she had previously made a cameo in SBS‘s “My Love From the Stars.” With the lead female role in the drama, the singer is taking on an entirely new challenge. But despite being a newcomer to the drama world, she showed audiences her natural acting skills and on-screen charisma in the show’s first episode.

Meanwhile, the drama recorded a large number of hits after its simultaneous release on Naver’s TVCAST and China’s largest internet drama streaming site Youku on March 29. The nine-episode series will continue to be released simultaneously on both sites going forward, with episodes four and five being broadcast at midnight from March 31-April 1, and episodes six through nine being shown at midnight from April 5-April 8.

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