TREN-D to Release Remake of Young Turks Club’s “Affection”

2015-03-31 15:14:12 2015-03-31 15:14:12

It has been revealed that the Young Turks Club track “Affection” will be remade 19 years after its 1996 release by girl group TREN-D.

On March 31, the girls’ agency Baeksang Entertainment revealed that TREN-D’s version of the song will be released next month. It was also disclosed that the writer of the original 1996 song, producer and composer Yoon Il Sang, will be working together with the group on the project.

“TREN-D’s version of ‘Affection’ will retain the original version’s melody and exciting energy while infusing it with their own unique flavor,” a representative of the agency said. “The song is being made with everyone in mind, so men, women, young, and old alike will be able to enjoy it.”

TREN-D’s version of “Affection” is scheduled to be released April 13. The group will have a showcase in Seoul’s Daehangno area, after which they will launch into other promotional activities.

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