EXID’s Hani Looks Sexy Even Covered Up in Teaser for Upcoming Comeback

2015-04-01 06:31:57 2015-04-01 06:31:57

Girl group EXID‘s Hani has announced her group’s comeback.

On April 1, Hani posted a teaser image on her Instagram with the captions, “2015 04 13 PM 12:00 EXID Comeback.”

The photo seems to be a picture of EXID’s album jacket, and she is looking straight ahead with a sexy gaze, only increasing the anticipation for their log-awaited comeback.

Earlier in November, EXID climbed the charts with “Up and Down,” a song from summer that year after member Hani’s fancam of the song went viral. After that, they won various music programs and catapulted to superstardom as they stayed on top of the charts for weeks on end.

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