Red Velvet’s Seulgi Reveals Herself to Be a Fan of Ji Sung After “Kill Me, Heal Me”

2015-04-01 19:46:06 2015-04-01 19:46:06

Seulgi of girl group Red Velvet recently revealed herself to be a fan of actor Ji Sung after watching the drama “Kill Me, Heal Me.”

On the April 1 live radio broadcast of SBS Power FM’s “Lee Gook Joo’s Young Street,” Irene, Wendy, Joy, Yeri, and Seulgi appeared as guests.

During the radio show, the members were asked which one of them tends to fall in love the quickest, to which all of the members said, “The answer is too easy,” and pointed out Seulgi.

Wendy explained, “Seulgi really loves dramas and she goes crazy over the male lead in every single drama she watches. Seulgi believes that a knight in shining armor will suddenly appear in front of her one day like in dramas. She’s very innocent [in that way], but I hope she wakes up from her dream soon,” causing laughter.

DJ Lee Gook Joo then asked Seulgi which male star she has fallen for recently, to which the Red Velvet member confessed, “Ji Sung sunbae-nim.” After hearing this, Lee Gook Joo requested for her to say a few words to Ji Sung. Seulgi shyly expressed, “Ji Sung sunbae-nim, I completely fell for [you] after seeing how well you acted in the drama. It’s really nice to see you together with Lee Bo Young sunbae-nim. As a fan, I really like you and I will always support you.”

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