Suzy Reveals She Reads All Negative Comments About Herself

2015-04-01 07:07:45 2015-04-01 07:07:45

miss A member Suzy has been receiving more than her fair share of attention due to her recently revealed relationship with Lee Min Ho, though not all of it is positive.

During the recent filming for the latest episode of KBS2’s “Happy Together 3,” Suzy shared her feelings on receiving criticism for her acting skills. “There was a sort of controversy about my acting skills when I did ‘Dream High.’ There were a lot of negative things said about me. I was not only shocked, I was also very hurt,” she said.


“I monitor everything that is said about me,” she continued. “If I knew I would be hurt I would just not look at it, but I just seem to end up looking at it anyway.” Actress Seo Woo, having listened to Suzy’s story, then drew pity from everyone when she confessed, “I’ve wanted to quit acting before because of people’s hurtful online comments.”

Meanwhile, Suzy and Seo Woo participated in the show’s “sauna talk” through the MC recommendations of broadcasters Kim Shin Young and Yoo Jae Suk, respectively. Jessi, Yoo Seung Ok, and Choi Hyun Suk also participated in the episode, which is set to air on April 2.

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