Former Bob Girls Members Dahye and Danbi Move on to New Girl Group

2015-04-02 22:54:22 2015-04-02 22:56:54

Former Bob Girls members Dahye and Danbi have found a new agency, Creative Soo (秀).

The agency released a statement announcing the news on April 2, saying, “Dahye and Danbi have recently signed a contract with us. They will be part of a new four-member girl group called Love Us.

Regarding their new group, Dahye and Danbi said, “We are working on our new album with the same passion as when we first debuted. We are sorry for any worry that we caused our fans, and hope you will all encourage and support us going forward.”

Dahye and Danbi debuted with the group Bob Girls last June, but following fellow member Jina’s struggle with encephalitis, the group broke up after only eight months. The group received a lot of fan support for their members’ beauty as well as their singing and dance skills.

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