Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Reveals She Has Been in a Relationship with a Younger Man Before

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On the upcoming episode of “Dating Alone,” airing April 4, Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri is asked if she has dated a younger man before, and she answers, “Yes, I have been in a relationship with someone younger.”

“How did it feel when you were dating” is the follow-up question and she replies, “He was actually very mature. It felt like he was older than me. He called me noona at first but later he just called me by my name.”  Her thorough and honest answer actually caught the MCs off-guard.

Other guest stars in this episode include: model Han Hye Jin, gag woman Kim Ji Min, and Shin Bong Sun.

Make sure to catch her honest confessions in the upcoming episode of “Dating Alone” on April 4.

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