“The Girl Who Sees Smells” Writer Calls Shin Se Kyung’s Casting “the Work of God”

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Man Chwi

Man Chwi, the writer of the webtoon “The Girl Who Sees Smells,” on which the new SBS Wed-Thursday drama of the same name is based, praised female lead Shin Se Kyung’s acting.

On April 2, the writer tweeted, “Shin Se Kyung’s casting [in ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’] is the work of God.”

“The Girl Who Sees Smells” is a romantic comedy about a woman who is hyper-sensitive and can see smells (played by Shin Se Kyung) and a policeman who is desensitized to pain (played by Park Yoo Chun). The drama premiered on April 1 and featured a slew of cameos from the casts of “Running Man”, “One Night of TV Entertainment,” and “Oot Chat Sa.”

What did you think about Shin Se Kyung’s acting?

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