Chu Sarang Goes Rock Climbing for the First Time on “Superman Returns”

2015-04-04 21:48:33 2015-04-04 21:49:20

Chu Sarang goes rock climbing for the first time in her life!

On the episode of KBS 2TV’s variety show “Superman Returns,” which will air on April 5, Chu Sarang and Chu Sung Hoon become the ultimate Spiderman pair as they try to rock climb.

Chu Sung Hoon is the first to courageously challenge himself. As he puts his impressive physique – built through years of training – to use, he gives Sarang a demonstration on how to climb. Intrigued by his example, she clings on to his back like a koala and they rock climb together. She obviously enjoys the ride, constantly giggling in pleasure.

Afterwards, Sarang fearlessly attempts to climb on her own. However, once she grabs onto the wall, her small limbs start shaking as she is engulfed in fear.

Will she be able to overcome her fear and reach the peak? Check out her rock climbing adventure on the next episode of “Superman Returns” on April 5!

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