Rain Sells His Property in Preparation for a Wedding?

2015-04-04 02:03:12 2015-04-04 02:03:12
rain kim tae hee

Singer and actor Rain sold his house in Samseong-dong, Seoul. There are suspicions that he is getting ready to wed his girlfriend, actress Kim Tae Hee.

According to Star News, it is confirmed that Rain recently sold his house located in Samseong-dong, Seoul, and is known to have collected quite a lot of money after selling his property. There have been guesses suggesting that he may be preparing for a wedding.

In response to this news, Rain’s agency states, “It is true that he sold his house located in Samseong-dong, but it’s not because he’s preparing for his wedding. He is currently living with his parents. He himself is flustered hearing this sudden news.”

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