Shin Se Kyung Kisses Gary on “Running Man?!”

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Though it seemed that the Monday couple were rekindling their flames, Gary received a kiss from Shin Se Kyung on “Running Man.”

In the most recent filming, Gary is exceptionally excited at the appearance of three actresses as he shouts out in joy.

Song Ji Hyo complains, “This is such a different reaction compared to when I appear.”

Ji Suk Jin tries to play matchmaker and set up Yoon Jin Seo with Kim Jong Gook. He says, “You look so good with Kim Jong Gook. I hope the two of you get along well together.”

Shin Se Kyung, on the other hand, isn’t so easily swindled by the mischievous members since this isn’t her first appearance on the show. Her easy-going manner and sweet charms capture Gary’s heart.

Yoon Jin Seo and Shin Se Kyung get competitive during the missions, not minding getting themselves dirty by throwing themselves on the muddy ground. They even actively respond to embarrassing requests and participate in a kissing mission.

Shin Se Kyung especially surprises those on set when she directly plants a kiss on Gary’s cheek for a mission.

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