Comedian Yoo Se Yoon Gets His Facebook Reported and Deleted

2015-04-05 13:11:46 2015-04-05 13:11:46

Comedian Yoo Se Yoon recently had his own Facebook page reported by someone and consequently deleted by Facebook.

On April 5, the star posted a funny picture of himself on Instagram with a cute message that read, “My Facebook got deleted because someone reported me as a fake…. Facebook you stupid, hmph.”

Although numerous other social media accounts that claim to be a celebrity have been taken down in the past, it is rare for a celebrity’s actual account to be reported for being fake and get deleted.

The popular comedian has recently published his first book, “U-Turn.” He is currently very active with broadcast activities, as well as his music project, Monthly Rent Yoo Se Yoon.

Let’s hope that he gets his Facebook page back soon!

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