Henry and Yewon to Continue Filming for “We Got Married” as Planned

2015-04-06 00:43:54 2015-04-06 01:01:00

It has been revealed that Super Junior-M’s Henry and his on-screen partner Yewon will continue to carry out their filming schedules for MBC’s virtual marriage program “We Got Married” as planned.

On April 6, a representative of Henry’s agency told TV Report, “We have not heard anything related to leaving the show. There is a filming schedule for ‘We Got Married’ planned for next week.”

According to the agency rep, Henry and Yewon’s recording for the show that was originally scheduled for this week has been postponed to next week. It is said to be a smooth continuation of last week’s broadcast.

Meanwhile, the producers of “We Got Married” have not directly expressed their position on the controversy surrounding Yewon following the release of the video that captured a problematic exchange with actress Lee Tae Im during a filming of “Tutoring Across Generations.” The producers are displaying a contrasting response compared to the straightforward approach used to handle previous controversies involving the show’s participants.

Producer Sun Hye Yoon recently shared with TV Report, “I don’t have an official statement yet [related to Yewon’s removal]. [Yewon herself] has yet to directly express her position [on the situation] as well.”

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