Brian Joo Tells Story of When He Asked Out Gummy

2015-04-11 21:42:11 2015-04-11 21:42:11

Fly to the Sky‘s Brian revealed that he asked out Gummy without knowing that she was in a relationship.

On the April 11 episode of MBC variety program “Quiz to Change the World,” the MCs ask the guests how they feel about Gummy’s relationship, and Brian says, “At the time, I was performing in concerts together with Gummy. I didn’t know that she was in a relationship and I asked her out.”

brian 3

Brian adds, “Since Gummy seemed so uninterested in me, I had asked her as if I were joking, ‘How do you feel about guys like me?’ and ‘How would you feel about marrying me?’ But then Hwanhee came to me and stopped me, saying that she has a man already.”

Brian relays that he didn’t believe his bandmate, and says, “Then on the last day of the concert, I got news of her relationship and I was so sorry to her.”

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