INFINITE’s Sunggyu Reportedly Preparing to Make Solo Comeback

2015-04-11 20:51:32 2015-04-11 20:51:32

It has been reported that INFINITE member Sunggyu is currently preparing to release his second solo album with the help and support of rock band Nell’s Kim Jong Wan.

According to sources that were involved in the album recording recently, Sunggyu is in the middle of his second solo album productions. It is said that the INFINITE member has been simultaneously working on his group’s upcoming comeback album to be released in May, as well as his own solo album.

According to the report, Kim Jong Wan—an artist for whom Sunggyu has previously expressed his respect—is taking on the role of producer for Sunggyu’s upcoming album.

Kim Jong Wan also gifted Sunggyu with a song included in his solo debut album “Another Me,” which was released in November of 2012. The track “Shine” was composed, written, and produced by the Nell frontman.

It is said that Sunggyu is in the final stages of preparation for his solo comeback, and the details of his solo promotions are expected to be revealed after the album is completed. However, it is unknown at this point whether INFINITE’s group comeback will kick off following the end of Sunggyu’s promotions or Sunggyu will promote simultaneously as a solo and as a group.

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