EXO’s D.O Reveals He Sees Jo In Sung as Often as His Group Members

2015-04-13 00:57:56 2015-04-13 01:07:29

The members of EXO appeared as guests on the live radio broadcast of SBS Power FM’s “Two O’clock Escape Cultwo Show” that hit the airwaves on April 13.

When asked about his drama that wrapped up in September of last year, “It’s Okay, It’s Love,” member D.O shared, “I’m the closest with Jo In Sung hyung. I see him as often as I do the members,” earning everyone’s envy. D.O added on, “I think it’ll be fun to come out on ‘Cultwo Show’ together with [Jo] In Sung hyung, if we have the opportunity.”

Also during the radio show, EXO talked about the choreography of their newest title track “Call Me Baby,” saying, “The choreography is the most sexy out of everything we’ve ever done. We even blow hand kisses. We also hit our chest and pelvis. There is a different version for every broadcast station and a different music video version. Our appearances also change with each version. There are times when we get confused because there is a different version for the number of members that we have.”

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