Block B Celebrates Fourth Anniversary Since Debut

2015-04-14 20:46:38 2015-04-14 20:46:38

Idol group Block B celebrated their fourth anniversary since their debut!

On April 15, the group posted an adorable group photo to their official Facebook page with a sincere message. The message read, “Today is Block B’s fourth debut anniversary. Thanks to people kept saying we were pretty, we’ve become pretty people who are loved by even more people. BBC’s who always cheer us on and take care of us, we love you and we thank you. We will try our best to continue meeting you all.”

In the picture, the seven-member boy group can be seen hugging each other on the floor of the dance studio.

Individual members of the group also took to their own personal social media accounts to voice their gratitude for their fourth anniversary.

Congratulations, Block B!

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