Defconn Drops Provocative Teaser for Title Track “SLEEPWITYA”

2015-04-14 22:50:56 2015-04-14 22:50:56

Rapper Defconn is pushing the boundaries (of censorship boards) with the music video teaser of his new title track, “SLEEPWITYA.”

The suggestive teaser gives fans a taste of his comeback music video, which will drop on April 16 at midnight together with his new album “I’m Not a Pigeon.”

The literal translation of the song title is “Wanna Go to My Place?” which pretty much encapsulates the theme of the music video. Ruled unsuitable for minors, the teaser shows two adults getting intimate with each other, along with some quite explicit sexual references. The video also stars model and former “Korea’s Next Top Model” contestant Jung Ha Eun.