Jeon Do Yeon and Kim Nam Gil’s Latest Film Slated for May Release

2015-04-14 18:24:01 2015-04-14 18:24:22

Actors Jeon Do Yeon and Kim Nam Gil‘s first movie together, “Outlaw,” has been scheduled for a May theatrical release.

“Outlaw” is a dark mellow film that depicts the love story between a detective with a secret and a lover of a murderer.

Jeon Do Yeon will portray Kim Hye Kyung, a woman who works at a bar and faithfully awaits her murderer boyfriend’s return. Kim Nam Gil will play detective Jung Jae Gon, who is after her boyfriend.

The film is directed and written by director Oh Seung Wook, known for dark movies like “Kilimanjaro” and mellow romance movies like “Christmas in August.”

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