“The List 2015″ Highlights the Success of Jessica’s Fashion Brand

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On the April 13 episode of “The List 2015,” Jessica ranked number six among the best Korean business stars.

“The List 2015” is tvN chart show that takes on a special theme each week, ranking celebrities according to each theme. This specific episode highlighted Korean celebrities who headed successful businesses and on this episode, Jessica, formerly of Girls’ Generation, ranked number six out of seven in a list of stars named the “Best Business Stars.”

“The List 2015” discussed the history of Jessica’s interest in fashion, referencing her appearances at many fashion shows despite her busy schedule and her participation as a runway model in a fashion show in 2011. The show also talked about her reputation as a fashionista as her fashion pictorials and airport fashion prove Jessica’s good sense of style and interest in that area.

Jessica’s interest in fashion brought about the launching of her very own fashion brand, “BLANC,” in August of 2014, of which sunglasses were the primary item. Jessica then announced a further growth in her brand, launching “BLANC & ECLARE” in October of 2014.

“The List 2015” then discussed the success of BLANC’s sunglasses line, revealing that BLANC has 40 stores in various countries around Asia, including China, Macao, Thailand, Singapore, and more. In particular, the show talked about how popular her sunglasses were in Seoul, when she sold 10 million won (approx. 9,000 USD) worth of sunglasses in four hours when the brand’s pop-up store first opened. Moreover, she could earn three billion won (approx. 2.7 million USD) in sales if she sells 10 sunglasses per day for one month in each of her 40 stores located around Asia.

Jessica has also talked about expanding her fashion brand into producing perfumes, accessories, etc.

“The List 2015” also mentioned rumors that Jessica and her business partner, Tyler Kwon, are planning to move BLANC & ECLARE’s headquarters currently based in Hong Kong to New York.

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*The previous version of the article incorrectly stated that the popup store earned 10 million KRW in one hour and that the brand earns 30 billion KRW due to the misinformation in the Korean articles sourced.