Shin Hyun Joon Revealed to Have Suffered Head Injury During Movie Filming

2015-04-16 17:08:33 2015-04-16 17:08:33

It has been reported that actor Shin Hyun Joon sustained an injury to his head, which required 10 stitches, in the midst of filming for his new movie “Bad Man” (working title).

On April 16, Shin Hyun Joon’s agency released a statement regarding the accident: “While filming for the movie ‘Bad Man’ in Jeju Island, [Shin Hyun Joon] suffered a head injury. After receiving emergency care on set, he was taken to a nearby hospital and underwent a surgery to get 10 stitches on his head. If there are no further problems after going back to the hospital for treatment and another checkup, he plans to return to the set for filming.”

It is said that the accident occurred during a scene in which the actor was hit on the head with a ‘beer’ bottle prop made out of sugar. After receiving stitches and getting rest, Shin Hyun Joon is expected to get right back into filming later on today, April 17.

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