EXO’s Kai Asks Child Actress Park Min Ha for Her Hand in Marriage?

2015-04-17 17:50:55 2015-04-17 20:55:23

Child actress Park Min Ha recently showed off an autographed album from EXO’s Kai that contained a proposal asking for her hand in marriage.

On April 17, Park Min Ha posted on her personal Instagram account, “The cool/handsome Kai oppa sent me an album^^ Kai oppa said to marry him~~~ I guess I’ll have to marry Kai oppa~^^,” along with a photo.

In the photo uploaded by Park Min Ha, the child actress can be seen with a big smile on her face as she holds EXO’s second full-length album, “EXODUS,” signed by Kai.

The message written by Kai reads, “To the pretty Min Ha, I hope you become Korea’s greatest actress. Kai oppa will always support you. Marry me later!”

kai park min ha
What are your thoughts on this adorable proposal?

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